Who is JobzLab?

With JobzLab, we have architected and built a revolutionary social recruiting bounty market network that is exclusively dedicated to paying generous bounties to everyone for referring successful social hires.

First- to-Market, revolutionary, Social Referral Bounty Platform

Data shows that the most successful hires, in fact 32 to 39.9%, are almost always employee referrals. With JobzLab, we have architected and built the first-to-market disruptive social recruiting bounty platform that is exclusively dedicated to paying generous bounties for referring successful social hires.

JobzLab offers custom hybrid predictive analytical and social tools to Find, Select, Hire, and Retain the top 10% engineering|developer talent and culture enhancers. Creating the right collaborative culture is essential to building a wildly successful business…fast. JobzLab directly connects Employers, Job Explorers and Referral-Partners.

Valued Referral-Partners

JobzLab is an easy to use and secure social bounty platform that enables EVERYONE to be recruiters and earn generous bounties called “Friend-Bounties” ranging from $2,000-$6,500 by referring their friends to engineer|developer job openings. It’s very simple…just click the Refer button. JobzLab takes care of all bounty payments for employers. To apply for openings, directly click the Job Explorer link. Even if you are applying yourself, you will still receive the entire bounty! This is called a “Self-Bounty.”


JobzLab is a radical social recruiting tool box going way beyond the norm. JobzLab has adopted the proven and best hiring vehicle of employee referrals and expanded it to encompass everyone and their vast network of friends and contacts in the “socialverse.” Employers can simply post jobs and let the “socialverse” start searching passive engineer|developer talent. In the age of digital recruiting, JobzLab is the optimal and innovative choice to find, select and hire “passive” talent. JobzLab does all the heavy lifting and delivers best in show engineering talent that will stay for the long-term. Sit back, relax, and hire. At JobzLab, our mission is to eliminate the difficult and costly hiring funnel and render it ….simple. According to Steve Jobs, “Humans build tools.” JobzLab is the cost-effective and time-efficient find/select/hire/retain revolutionary tool that is unparalleled in the age of digital social recruiting.

"TAG" Our Hybrid Predictive Tool

JobzLab finds value in hidden traits and talent that engineers|developers possess that no one else sees by creating the “TAG” proprietary algorithm. JobzLab created a hybrid predictive analytics tool called “TAG”...Talent Appraisal Grades. In just 10 copywrited questions, TAG analyzes Job Explorers’ tech IQ, personalities, interests, work habits, and childhood pursuits. Answers are graded from A+ to F. JobzLab’s algorithm captures whether Job Explorers are top 1% to 10% talent and whether they are bad, good or excellent culture fits.