Who is JobzLab?

Hire Higher! We SHORTLIST your technical candidates super-fast and FIREWALL your teams from making costly, bad tech hires. JobzLab discovers common denominators in hidden inherent traits, lifelong experiences and of course skill set that only the best tech talent share. We have 35 years of experience building startup engineering teams that have been acquired by Sony, Facebook, Cisco, and hiring new tech teams for such behemoths as PlayStation, OculusVR, CoreLogic, and Mulesoft. We surgically harvest and analyze the distinctive data from interview answers that great engineers provide us.


Hiring by skill set alone is a significant, vast hiring problem. Our guaranteed and proven secret weapon is our proprietary, human assessment algorithm built for engineer | dev candidates. We dive deep into their souls, life experiences and habits. JobzLab created a human-hybrid predictive analytics tool called “TAG” (Talent Assessment Grades) to identify top 10% engineering talent. In just 7 minutes, your tailored TAG captures and analyzes engineer candidates' skill set of course, but also invisible inherent traits and lifelong experiences. We illuminate deeply hidden talent attributes that others miss entirely. TAG answers are graded from A+ to F with percentiles and shared with your Hiring Managers and teams. JobzLab is so confident in our secret sauce, that we guarantee all A grades for 1 year or your money back. No digital platform is bold enough to offer that.


Our Employee & Friends Referral Chains: Data shows that the most successful hires, in fact 32 to 39.9%, are almost always employee referrals. We met with Salesforce and 50% of all hires come from "an internal army" to drive employee referrals. Then the lightbulb went off. JobzLab could be your army to drive and track employee and friends referrals to your job openings. Let's get you to 50% too! Not many companies have the resources for an army like Salesforce, so we created a digital engine to be your army. Why not reward your employees and their friends instead of costly headhunters? We drive your referral machine daily and track all referrals for you. Is your current employee and friends referral approach filling close to 50% of all your hires? If not, we can help the cause. It's smart on several fronts and great rewarding fun for your culture.

Top companies hire through referrals:
Facebook – 60%
Salesforce - 50%
Deloitte – 49%
Ernst & Young – 45%

Our Candidate Video Called "Glimpse": After your review engineering candidates' TAG grades, you might see some B or B- Grades. That does not mean rule those candidates out entirely. It means your tailored TAG revealed a hidden red flag or two perhaps. So, we added a short video where you can watch that candidate answer an interview question up to one minute. You can gauge further whether that candidate has the right stuff for you to interview or confirm further to rule out. We call this short 1-minute video..."Glimpse."


One super feature of JobzLab is a fast and secure employee and friends reward engine. Your employees and their friends can earn generous hire-bounties called “Friend-Bounties” ranging from $2,000-$6,500 by referring friends to engineer|developer job openings. We track the referral chain up to 3 friends. It’s very simple…just click the Refer button. The employee's friend simply clicks the forwarded job opening link in her | his email. JobzLab can even quarterback the employee reward payments for employers. Why not reward your employees and their friends referral chain, not external recruiters? If done smart, we can get 50% of your engineering hires coming from referrals.


According to Steve Jobs, “Humans build tools.” JobzLab's disruptive feature TAG (Talent Assessment Grades) is our fast and smart shortlist | firewall | hire revolutionary toolbox for your Hiring Managers and teams. JobzLab created TAG for engineer | dev candidates with 1 year guarantees! Now that is bold and confident. Another super feature is our fun employee and friends referral chain reward engine that we drive for you on a daily basis. Employers with one click can post tech jobs and the platform shortlists and firewalls engineering candidates for you in 7 minutes. Imagine 100 resumes being shortlisted to top 5 with 1 year guarantees. Don't forget "Glimpse." Our 1-minute video where your team can watch engineer candidates answer 1 interview question up to 1 minute. Super tools for sure.