The Origin of JobzLab & Founder

origin JobzLab’s founder, Stu Trautenberg, is a Jersey boy with a high sense of integrity, trust and dry sense of humor. Mom taught him the most valuable lesson in life, “Don’t be afraid to ask the hard question, if the answer is No, that is where you started from anyway.” Most of the time you’ll be surprised that the answer you receive is Yes. Good advice Mom. His “out of the box” and 60’s radical Poli Sci professors at Boston University introduced him to entrepreneurial thinking. At the omniscient age of 23, he founded his own tech/exec search firm, S.A. Traut Associates in Kenmore Square|Boston.

The early 90’s

Save The World: Stu initially focused on the environmental | engineering industry building talented teams for Fortune 500 Consulting Engineering Companies. In his early 20’s, he thought in some small way, he could help the planet have cleaner air and groundwater and modernize our decaying infrastructure.

Late 90’s and 2000s

Tech Boom: He shifted his focus to building technology start-ups from scratch. Invited to partner closely with an incubator VC, he would work on site in Silicon Valley from 1998-2001 hiring all the talent and creating smart, fun, collaborative cultures for several start-ups. He once hired 66 new employees in 3.5 days for an optical networking start-up.  Only 3.5 days!


Gaikai: Stu was hired by a CEO & Co-Founder to team closely with his 2 other Founders of a new start-up, Gaikai, Inc, a cloud streaming platform for any mobile device for AAA video games and Smart TVs. Gaikai’s CEO conveyed instructions to search the earth, hire the best engineer|developer talent. Stu was given autonomy to architect the hiring plan and execute. He built the company and culture with let’s say a United Nations engineering|dev team hiring from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Amsterdam, France, Germany, Russia, Canada and USA. Working with the Founders, he took Gaikai from 3 Founders to over 100 employees in 1.5 years. Early on, Gaikai was identified as a top 50 start-up.

2012 Gaikai Acquired

Sony|PlayStation: In July of 2012, Sony PlayStation acquired Gaikai for approx. $400 million mostly because of the talented team that Stu assembled. Gaikai is the secret to the success of PlayStation4 that broke all gaming console sales records in 2014.

More in 2012

Oculus: The CEO of Oculus Rift offered Stu the position as lead People employee to own the scaling process and build all the teams and create the culture at Oculus Rift.

Nook in 2012

Nook: Barnes & Noble's Nook asked Stu to help them build their cloud team in Palo Alto, CA to compete against Amazon. In 8.5 months, Stu took the Nook Cloud team in Palo Alto from 32 engineers to 70 exceeding expectations.

2014 | 2015

PlayStation: In 2014 and 2015, he helped build new engineering teams working on secret new tech at PlayStation (SNEI) in SF.
Otoy: Scaling engineering team where Eric Schmidt is an Advisor
KEYPR: Building all teams from scratch. KEYPR is redefining the guest experience at hotels worldwide.


JobzLab: The seed of JobzLab began to blossom. The conceptual idea started as writing hybrid predictive assessments that no one had ever seen before. Finding value in hidden traits of developers that no one else can see. Listening to the market and customers however, Stu realized that companies were still thirsty for a distinctive, scalable platform to bring the best engineer|developer talent to them. He was constantly being asked, could you find us talent too? With the emergence of the digital recruiting age for millenials, the social referral bounty and predictive market network was born making everyone recruiters by using their social networks and being rewarded with generous bounties for each social hire.

Stu is a Red Sox and Patriots fan. Despite that fact, NY Yankees and NY Giants fans are welcome with open arms to join the JobzLab nation.