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“Super-Engaged” Employees

Great talent builds great companies. It is not the other way around.

JobzLab applies hybrid predictive analytics to identify, recruit and hire what we call “Super-Engaged” employees. JobzLab has been collecting and studying analytics for the past 6 years based on thousands of engineer|developer candidates’ answers to our innovative talent appraisal questions. The results have been tabulated and analyzed in our lab to create a successful formula that ensures that our customers will hire only “Super-Engaged” employees. These are supreme hacker coder level engineers who are culture enhancers.

Globally, there are four types of employees in every company. Three of these employee categories are identified in Jim Clifton’s book “The Coming Jobs War.” A fourth category of employee, in a term coined by JobzLab, is the “Super-Engaged” employee.

1. “Engaged Employees” (top 20% employees who better the company and only 28% of the world’s employees)

2. “Not Engaged Employees” (some value added, 9-5 workers, focused mostly on collecting paychecks)

3. “Actively Disengaged” (go out of their way to disrupt, well, just about everything)

4. “Super-Engaged Employee” The employee that JobzLab identifies and specializes in recruiting/hiring is …the top 1%-10% talent who thinks outside the box, works 24/7, codes as a primary hobby, comes up with great solutions that no one else has thought of, and makes their team members better. Think of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Pat Summitt, Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, and Wayne Gretsky as Super-Engaged Employees.


JobzLab finds value in hidden traits and talents that no one else sees by creating the “TAG” proprietary algorithm. JobzLab created a hybrid predictive analytics tool called “TAG” which stands for Talent Appraisal Grades. TAG tools are copyrighted and are comprised of 10 questions. They examine job explorers’ tech IQ, personalities, interests, work habits, and childhood pursuits. Answers are graded from A+ to F. JobzLab’s algorithm captures whether job explorers are top 1% to 10% passive engineer|developer talent and whether they are a bad, good, very good or excellent culture fits.

Data Portfolios

Job Explorers’ data portfolios are easy to navigate and review. We drastically reduce the time and cost associated with the hiring funnel process which companies must allocate to Find, Screen and Hire passive engineer|developer talent not actively on the job market. JobzLab has 4 data portfolio components:

1. Snapshot: Detailed Snapshot that goes beyond Linkedin and adds Job Explorers’ coding links to Github and other technical/design samples; tech skills rankings, GPAs; conversational languages and much more. This upfront data makes Hiring Managers lives so much easier

2. “TAG”: 10 Questions that are hybrid predictive analytics determining if Job Explorers are top 1%-10% engineer|developer talent and great culture enhancers

3. “The Vid”: A brief video that allows Hiring Managers to view a Job Explorer answering 1 interview question for up to 1 minute

4. Opt in Photo: Upload a photo if you wish