JobzLab's predictive assessments called TAGs (Talent Assessment Grades) Subscription Plans offer 10, 25, 50 or Unlimited TAGs per month. Upgrade anytime. Each additional TAG above your monthly max is just $49 per TAG.


$ 275/mo

Up to 10 TAGs per Month


$ 500/mo

Up to 25 TAGs per Month


$ 750/mo

Up to 50 TAGS per Month



Unlimited TAGS per Month


Our secret weapon is TAG or Talent Assessment Grades. Guaranteed human predictive assessments to SHORTLIST the top 10% engineering talent and to FIREWALL you from costly, bad hires.

Employees and Friends Reward Engine included. Just an added tool for you in your toolbox. Reward your employees, not 3rd party recruiters. Let's get 50% of all your hires coming from referrals. We drive it for you.

"Glimpse" our 1 minute candidate video also included. If you want to see if engineering candidates will complement your team or culture, you can watch their "Glimpse."

Oh, we can White Label the JobzLab platform for you so it looks like you. Your colors, your logos, etc.


"TAG" Guarantees

JobzLab is the only predictive digital assessment platform to offer guarantees on your new tech hires. We stand behind our proprietary analytics. How? Any engineer|dev hired who earns a TAG grade of an "A", we GUARANTEE for 1 YEAR or your assessment money back for that hire. Any engineer|dev who earns a "B" grade, we guarantee for 6 months. "B-" grades are borderline and we suggest proceed with caution.


Easy and Simple. We know you're entirely too busy and have limited time. The JobzLab platform is what we call “low friction” so you can quickly get rolling without a time consuming learning curve. We are here for you 24/7. We promise!


TAG results, "Glimpse" videos, employee referrals can easily be reviewed on the go from any mobile device. Talented passive Job Explorers are movers and shakers. JobzLab ensures you never miss referrals or candidates with a fully mobile optimized experience. JobzLab platform can be accessed on mobile devices. So, head to the beach.

Easy Work-Flow

Correspond with your teams and share notes. Click to hire, hold, reject or archive for future. JobzLab provides an easy to navigate Job Explorer tracking system. No extra costs for an ATS! It's free. Imagine the huge savings.

Referral chains & rewards

JobzLab lets you track and analyze all referral chains up to 3 in a chain. You can track the exact source of your referral interviews and hires. Your employees and their friends can share successful hire rewards. We track it all for you.


Post once and openings are saved for the future. Passive Job Explorers will find your openings via employee and friends' referrals in the "socialverse" from Linkedin, Facebook, Google + and Twitter or by emailing.

The JobzLab Reward Guide

Select the suggested reward per opening using the JobzLab bounty guide ranging from $2,000 to $6,500. Why pay 3rd party recruiters crazy money for risky tech talent? Reward your employees instead and make your culture even more fun. Hire with confidence.


Securely share and collaborate with your Hiring Managers or Team as guest-users.

Hire Higher

JobzLab will digitally raise your hiring bar to ensure you are selecting and hiring loyal, top 10% engineering | developer talent. Skill Set + Inherent Traits + Lifelong Experiences data will enable your teams to "Hire Higher."