When an Employer chooses a Job Explorer to interview, that counts as one "Select". Plans offer you 10, 20, or 40 "Selects" per month. Create an Account and choose a subscription plan to start your 60 day GRATIS test drive


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Job Explorers are long-term hires. If a Job Explorer is hired and then resigns or is terminated within 6 MONTHS of his/her start date, the employer may replace that employee through JobzLab at no cost

Multiple Users

Share and collaborate with your Hiring Managers as guest-users, or sign up for multiple User Stations

Easy Work-Flow

Correspond with your teams and share notes. Vote to hire or not to hire. JobzLab provides an easy to navigate Job Explorer tracking system


JobzLab lets you track and analyze all referral activity. You can track the exact source of your referral interviews and hires


Post once and openings are saved for the future. Passive Job Explorers will find JobzLab openings via social referrals in the socialverse from Linkedin, Facebook, Google + and Twitter. Employers can also search without limit for Job Explorers

The JobzLab Bounty Guide

Allocate the bounty per opening using the JobzLab bounty guide ranging from $2,000 to $6,500 and we’ll go viral with your openings and bounty rewards​. JobzLab makes the payments to referr​al-partners​ for you. We allow a referral chain up to 3 to split bounties equally

Mobile Optimized

Successful talented passive Job Explorers are movers and shakers. JobzLab ensures you never miss referrals or candidates with a fully mobile optimized experience. All referral portals and JobzLab platform can be automatically accessed on mobile devices, and social referrals can easily be made on the go from any mobile device

VIP Support

Easy and Simple. We know you're entirely too busy to figure out how to use yet another recruiting tool. The JobzLab platform is what we call “low friction” so you can quickly get going without a time consuming learning curve. We are here for you 24/7


Job Explorers' data portfolios are easy to navigate and review. We drastically reduce the time and cost associated with the hiring funnel process which Employers must allocate to Find, Screen and Hire passive engineer|developer talent not actively on the job market. JobzLab has 4 data portfolio components: 1. Profile Snapshot 2. "TAG" Talent Appraisal Grades 3. Opt in Photo 4. "The Vid", a Human Factor 1 Minute Video